by Werewolf Therewolf

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released September 18, 2012

Music by Werewolf Therewolf
Recorded at Studio 3Two2 with Joey Rios
Mixed and mastered by Dale Brunson at dB Wreckordings



all rights reserved


Werewolf Therewolf Denton, Texas

Werewolf Therewolf is a progressive rock band from Denton, Texas.

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Track Name: Human Traffic
In this day and age you'll get more kicks in turning away most other things, I've found.
It's only when you listen that you put the needle down and no sound comes out.

It's reached the point of no return, the only thing the world could give, you couldn't afford.
The patterns we run through will cease, and all that is left will be...

The world fits like a glove for no one

Do we let the sky send rain for us?
Deal with it the sky sends rain.

But you will find me in the end
and i will open up my hands.
To taste, the phase... stay up to date

It shocks me how hard you try. For what?
It shocks me how hard you try.

It wasn't in me to blindly chase the crowd
How could a world so big become the cage we're in?
It wasn't easy but I've found a place to rest.
Don't call it gifted i just refused the test.

Do we let the sky send rain for us?
Deal with it the sky sends rain.
Track Name: Something Else
Just let me figure this out!
I promise not to discount my foolish ways.

When given the time of day, things aren't so far away.
Repress all the moments...moments i abnegate.

Moments i abnegate

Twenty some odd years and still i'm scraping by.
It's soooo hard to find time.

I wished for something here to click,
a force of habit to stick.
But it seems i'm too late, you know?

We've been over, we've been over this.

My empty plate would stay that way, if i could keep it down.

Motivation's never been a good friend of mine.

Just let me figure this out
I promise not to discount my foolish ways.

In any case it seems the matter has been ignored for quite some time.

When we dont know where we go we worry we wont ever know.
Track Name: Current Event
Then with every step he took,
he felt the comfort in the wind,
as he approached the waters edge.

He was washed out to sea,
now the tide is risen and the currents reinforce.
No the distance it seemed too far to swim back, to change course.

Was it a good idea to go so far away
Now there's no looking back, there's no way out of it.

But if you stay there

Decompression sickness sure to come
He's on his own, slowly taken from it all
Decompression sickness sure to come

Oh, we all have so much to learn

In this dark abyss you're in
The light just floats on by,
but its not the end for you.
Track Name: Prelude
One thousand years wasn't enough
The empire has lost their power on us
I found you there deep in the mines
It's now up to me to keep you alive


you unleash the espers on them all
I'll see you out safe and sound
No matter where you go i swear i will keep you safe and sound.

The world before the fall

The worst to come, fourteen began their epic climb
The world of balance off the edge for a time
The world of ruin summoned us to fight the jester floating in the sky

I am Locke, and you are the key
You weren't what i was hunting for
No prize for a common thief
I'll equliberate my past by helping you succeed

The airship took off, this was the end
We readied our arms as the black-jack decends
If its our day to die we'll die with our friends

The world before the fall

Ifrit burns the forest down
Shiva froze them still
Bahamut tore them all apart for you, Terra